How to Deposit Money in IQ Option

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There are a lot of people facing difficulty while depositing money into IQ Option from India because most cards don’t work on IQ Option we have chosen the best deposit method to deposit money into IQ Option.

IQ Option Deposit India Guide:

Deposit Options:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Skrill (Recommended)
  • Neteller
  • Webmoney
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Astropay Card

Credit/Debit Cards:

The easiest and most convenient way of depositing money into IQ Option is using your Credit/Debit Card

  • No Hidden Charges
  • Instant Transfer
  • No Intermediate Payment Services


As per the guidelines of the RBI, we cannot make cross-currency transactions. Most of the debit cards don’t even work on international websites like PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon USA, Skrill, Neteller, etc.

Don’t worry we have cracked the code. Now we are able to deposit INR into our IQ Option Account our team has tested various ways and found the best way to deposit Indian rupees into IQ Option.

Don’t believe us? What if we show you the proof of deposit?


iq option deposit proof

This tutorial helps you to Deposit and also Withdraw from IQ Option without any other hassle.

Are you Ready?

Before we start the tutorial you need to get some things

  • Credit/Debit Card (International usage activated)
  • Skrill Account.
  • Bitcoin Wallet (Alternative)

We advise you to have an International debit card because these days you can get it easily from your bank or you can use another person’s debit card.

If you don’t have an International debit card or your card doesn’t work on the Skrill. Use the new method to Deposit Money in IQ Option using UPI Method.

Let’s Start

Step 1:

  • Register for a Skrill account.
  • Deposit money into your Skrill.
  • Select “non-gambling” while depositing money into your Skill account.

Check out this guide to know How To Open & Verify Skrill Account

Step 2:

  • Now open your IQ Option Account in USD Currency.
  • Select the amount you want to deposit and choose Skrill as a payment option.

iq option india deposit

  • You will be redirected to the Payment Gateway.
  • Click on the PAY button and complete the transaction.

iq option india skrill

Hurray..!! You have your IQ Option account loaded and ready to start trading. But don’t forget your Capital is at Risk.

Mani Candy
Mani Candy
I'm Mani Candy, founder of TranceBlogger. I have a passion for blogging and affiliate marketing. I write about blogging, content marketing, making money online🙌

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  1. Hi. Can i use a visa card and deposit money in skrill as non gambling and then use this money to trade in iq option. Please clarify me. Because when i asked to an iq option help individual they said we have to select as gambling while depositing.

  2. i just want to know that why we need international debit\credit cards. As i am having a visa from UCO bank will i be eligible to trade in iq

    • The transaction is carried in EURO so you need an International Debit Card to make any transaction in other currencies. If you have a RuPay Card it doesn’t work on International Websites because VISA & MasterCard are only present in global markets.

  3. Hello, I have read that banks will block money from neteller or Skrill. Is this true? I have tried withdrawing money from neteller before and it was blocked without any reason. I use kvb. If so, how do I withdraw money from iq options?

    • Previously those transactions were carried out using SWIFT code. Now you are recieving those payments in IMPS and NEFT these transactions cannot be blocked.

      • Hello, i’m a college student and i’m going to do options trading.I dont have a bank account yet, but im thinking of opening an account on kvb. Is kvb a eligible bank?. And do i need to open a demat account to transfer money to skrill?.

  4. Today I deposited 10$ using upi option on Iq option. The money is debited but it is not been credited in my Iq option Account. Please help me with it.


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I'm Mani Candy, founder of TranceBlogger. I have a passion for blogging and affiliate marketing. I write about blogging, content marketing, making money online🙌

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