Complete Guide to Open & Verify Skrill Account from India


Skrill has been the oldest payment service established in 2011 and owned by the PaySafe group.

If you are starting an online business and wand need to send & receive payments from overseas, Skrill is the best alternative to Paypal.

Paypal has many regulations especially for INDIAN PAYPAL users, after 2011 as of RBI regulations we cannot store money in our Paypal account we can only withdraw money to your bank account.

You can’t even purchase or pay for any goods and services using your Paypal balance.

Indian Paypal users cannot send payments to Indian Paypal accounts. But you have an option to send to anyone around the world.

Benefits of Skrill Account:

  • You can easily receive payments from overseas and domestic companies.
  • You can use your International Debit Card to make payments. This helps users who don’t have Credit Cards
  • You can request payments from users using by their E-mail address.
  • You can send money to any person from any country who has a Skrill account.
  • Low deposit and withdrawal charges than Neteller.

Steps to Create Your Skrill India Account

  • Go to “Skrill‘ and fill out the details to create your Skrill Account.
  • You will have an option to select Country and Currency. Select your country where you live and have a valid “Identity Document” of that country.
  • Note: You cannot change your currency once your wallet has been created.
  • On the next page, “Enter your street address which is on your ID or Bank statement for verification“.
  • The final step for account opening is to add your phone number.

Verifying your Skrill Account:

  • First of all, you need to verify your E-mail ID.
  • Deposit a minimum amount into your Skrill.
  • To remove the Upload/Withdrawal limits for your Skrill account add your Bank account and Debit Card.
  • Go to “Cards & Bank Account” section Firstly add your bank account. ( Leave the sort code empty, if asked).

skrill add card

Now you need to link your Debit card, some debit cards don’t work on Skrill follow this guide to know which card works.
  • Once you have linked your bank account and debit card you are asked to submit National ID proof for verification
  • On the next process, you need to verify your location. You can submit Utility Bill or Bank/Credit Statement
  • The last step is to Verify your Skrill Account by uploading a selfie.
  • An example below (Make sure your face is visible and Don’t cover any information on
    your ID with your fingers)

skrill selfie

  • For India, users upload your PAN CARD and Bank Statement for verification. (Verification may take 24-48 hours.)

After Successful verification, you can check your profile and see that limits are removed.

skrill verified

Boom..!! You have successfully created and verified your Skrill account.

Hope this guide helped you to know everything about creating and verifying Skrill account from India. If you have any query know us via the comments section.

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  1. I signed up for IQ options following instructions from one of your posts, now to create skrill, Virtual debit/credit cards won’t word? And which option should I choose Gambling or non gambling? I have to start earning from IQ options.. Please help me..

    • Select “Non-gambling”. Entropay now no longer support users from outside EEA zone so use an international enabled debit/credit card to fund your Skrill.

  2. Which currency should we choose in skrill (INR or USD)? If INR is chosen how it is converted into USD? Please advise!

  3. Bro, i from india and need to open skrill account for iq option. So which currency do i need to select. USD or INR?

  4. Bro unfortunately I missed one latter in my IQ option profile name how to correct it ..,is it possible or should I block account and re creat again ???


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