Sneaky Ways To Lower Your Monthly Bills (Save Upto $300 A Month)

Bills can be very nasty they come every month knocking on your door and putting a bum on your head. Making your wallet empty even without you noticing how much you are actually paying in monthly expenses.

I know that is really hard for every household to manage expenses, especially if you’re on a single income.

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics 2018, the total average U.S. consumer spending amounted to 61,224 U.S. dollars.

That is almost $5102 in average monthly bills & expenses of every household in 2018. This number could go up every year due to inflation.

If you are living in places like New York, New Jersey, or California the monthly expenses could exceed more than the total average consumer spending.

Making little tweaks in your daily routine can save you more than $300 in monthly expenses.

How To Lower Your Monthy Bills

Save Money on Electricity Bill

Tip 1: The first tip is not something that takes a lot of effort. Simply unplug the devices & appliances when you are not using them & when they are fully charged. This can save you a lot of money on your electricity bill.

Tip 2: Sometimes you might be in a rush and forget turning off the coffee maker or toaster. In that case, you can use Amazon Smart Plug which is compatible with Alexa.

You can schedule lights, fans, and all other appliances to turn and off automatically, or control them remotely when you’re away.

Very simple and easy to set up, works seamlessly with the Alexa app on your phone.amazon smart plug

Tip 3: Change your lights to Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL) or led bulbs. Compared to regular incandescent lights, CLF bulbs consume 50-80% less energy. They are expensive than regular bulbs but they save a lot of money and last a lot longer.

Lower Your Cell Phone, Internet & Cable TV Bills

Stop overpaying a huge amount for your cell phone, Internet & Cable bills. Save money by canceling unwanted subscriptions and negotiating bills to get the best prices for the same service you using right now.

Americans lose $50 Billion in a year on common bills. They can save this $50 Billion by canceling unwanted subscriptions.

Sign up for Billshark and save 25% on the monthly bills & subscriptions. Let the Billshark experts do the work and you can save an average of $300 – $500 per bill.

How BillShark Works?

Billshark expert negotiators contact the service provider on your behalf and negotiate your bills for the best price. They have a 90% success rate for lowering your bills.

All you have to do is:

Let Billshark experts negotiators try to lower your bills on your behalf and you pay 40% of what is saved on your monthly bill. If they are not able to reduce your bill you pay nothing.

Cancellation Service

Once you Sign up for Billshark the expert team makes it easy for you to cancel any unwanted subscriptions without any hassle of waiting on the phone for hours & arguing with customer service representatives.

After a successful cancellation, they charge a flat fee of $9 on every canceled subscription.

Is BillShark Safe?

Backed by billionaire investor & Shark Tank host Mark Cuban. Thousands of people have saved Millions using BillShark.

All your data is secured & saved with 256-bit encryption keeping the personal information at bank-level security.

Sign up for Billshark and save money on your monthly bills.

Billshark Rewards

Billshark also has a reward program where you earn a $25 reward dollar for sending you bills to Billshark. Over 500,000 ways to use the Rewards on online shopping, groceries, hotels, restaurants, and many more.

Sign up and send your Bills now to get a free $25 in Reward dollar.

Check out here to learn how you can earn more rewards with Billshark.

Negotiate Credit Card APR

Is it really possible to lower your credit card APR?


If you feel like the interest rates on your credit cards are too high you can always call the customer representative to try to negotiate your APR.

But if you are too afraid to talk to the company because of your underlying debt and late payments.

Let Trim negotiate your credit card APR on your behalf.

Trim is a personal finance assistant that helps you negotiate your cable, internet, medical bills, and cancel unwanted subscriptions.

Trim also helps you with lowering interest rates, waive interest charges & refund unfairly bank fees.

On average, Trim saved its users more than $1,000 in credit card interest payments. Some credit card providers they work with include American Express, Citi, Capital One, Discover, etc.

Sign up for Trim and save more money on interest rates of your credit card.

Save Money on Recurring Purchases

Get discounts on 1000s of household products that run out every month, including dog food, supplements, paper towels & many other products.

Save more than 15% on these essential supplies every month using the Amazon Subscribe & Save program.

This reduces the hassle of driving & picking up items from the store every month which saves you a lot on your time & fuel costs.

Check out the full list of eligible products here with the Subscribe & Save program.

If you are having a baby, sign up for the Amazon Family program to get 20% off on Baby food, diapers & more.

Pay Credit Card Bill On Time

Not paying your credit card payments on time have adverse effects on your credit rating & also your finances.

Due to this, few credit card providers charge a late fee up to $40 and penalty interest adds up quickly. And you might end up in an endless debt loop. While altering your finances forever.

How you can avoid late fees and penalties on credit cards

  • Signing up for reminders.
  • Automated payments.
  • Making a reminder on the calendar.
  • Choosing the same day for all bills.

One of the best things to do is to clear off your credit card debt which reduces a lot in your monthly expenses.

Sign up for Digit to pay off your credit card debt more quickly.

Digit automatically saves money from your checking account everyday based on your spending habits & income, then transfers the saved amount to your credit card, once a month.

You earn a 0.5% Savings Bonus for every 3 months which isn’t really much compared to a regular checking account but your main goal is to automate & pay off debt.

Pay Bills On Time

Truebill helps you track your monthly expenses and reminds you about the recurring bills which help you stay on budget.

Sign up for TrueBill & create a budget to save money.

Save Money On Groceries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average spend on groceries in the USA ranges from $314 in Atlanta to $516 in Seattle.

Many people blow up their budget on groceries every month. Stores are designed in a way that you spend money on unwanted purchases.

So you might end up going beyond your budget extra that purchases if you do not have a detailed meal plan.

To solve this. Here comes the $5 Meal Plan.

$5 Meal Plan sends you tasty meal plans & weekly grocery list directly to your inbox for just $5/month.

Every meal plan is designed in a way that you don’t spend more than $2 per person or even less.

This can save you a lot of money while shopping groceries.

Sign up for a 14 day trial and save time & money on meal prep with $5 Meal Plan.


Getting your finances properly is the first step to financial freedom. If you are not planning your finances ahead you might end up wasting your hard earned money.

The first thing you need to do is negotiationg bills & cancel unwanted subscriptions. Sign up for Billshark and let expert negotiaters do the work for you.

Use cashback apps whenever possible because those small amounts add up overtime.

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If you know any more money saving tips let me know in the comments section below 🙌

Mani Candy
Mani Candy
I'm Mani Candy, founder of TranceBlogger. I have a passion for blogging and affiliate marketing. I write about blogging, content marketing, making money online🙌

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Mani Candy
I'm Mani Candy, founder of TranceBlogger. I have a passion for blogging and affiliate marketing. I write about blogging, content marketing, making money online🙌

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